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Is Your Infrastructure Capable of Handling a Multi-Vector Attack?



Learn Why You Need to Keep Up and How!

Although DDoS attacks have become a mainstay of hackers' arsenals, their profile has changed considerably in the past year or so, making them an even greater threat to companies that conduct business online or have significant investments in their online brand and reputation.

Join Verisign Chief Security Officer Danny McPherson for this informative webinar, where he will discuss enabling organizations to keep pace with DDoS attacks while minimizing impact on business operations. He’ll cover:

  • Current DDoS landscape
  • DDoS mitigation challenges and why traditional tactics aren't sufficient
  • Five best practices for DDoS mitigation

For more than 10 years, Verisign has successfully defended its global DNS infrastructure against DDoS attacks and has maintained 100 percent availability of its .NET and .COM infrastructure, resolving more than 70 billion DNS queries per day.

By drawing on this success and hands-on engagements with customers in a range of industries, Verisign has identified a set of best practices for DDoS mitigation that are available to you today.

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