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Perturbateurs de cyber sécurité : perspective de Verisign iDefense sur les perturbateurs de cyber sécurité actuels et émergents pour les professionnels de la sécurité de l'entreprise.



Would knowing what future factors could negatively impact your organization be of benefit to you?

If the answer is yes, sign up now to learn about these “disruptors” in a special webcast presented by our acclaimed Verisign iDefense team. This annual presentation covers the disruptive abilities of new technologies that could fundamentally change the security threat environment for enterprise organizations.

This webcast re-evaluates previously identified disruptors, and will introduce five recent disruptors that iDefense believes have the potential to impact enterprise cyber security practitioners and their networked environments now or in the near future. The five possible disruptive topics are:

  • Cyber espionage tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Generation Z and the exploitation of social media and hacktivism
  • Cyber-physical systems (CPS)
  • IT supply chain integrity
  • Data loss protection

You’ll learn what each topic is about, why it’s deemed a disruptor, and the potential impacts to an organization. So sign up now and gain valuable insight on why strategic planning for future disruptions is relevant and necessary for your organization!

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