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Assessing the Risk of DDoS: A Path to Proactive Protection



DDoS Attacks are Real – Do You Know All the Risks?

It only takes as little as $9.10 for a hacker to take an organization’s online system down. And the cost to that targeted company? About $2.1M to $37M in significant lost revenue and expense.

Join guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc., Principal Analyst John Kindervag and Verisign V.P. of Technology Sean Leach for our exclusive on-demand webinar as they discuss the real-world threat of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in today’s ever-changing cyber climate.

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  • Why there is a resurgence in DDoS attacks, and how criminals and hacktivists are getting better at what they do
  • The evolution of DDoS attacks, the different types today, and where they’re headed in the future
  • Why DDoS mitigation needs to be a two-phase solution
  • What five best practices you need to employ immediately

It’s clear that today’s cyber assaults no longer specifically target companies of a certain size or industry. So with essentially every business at risk, IT decision makers need to quickly devise new strategies for scaling operations and infrastructure to proactively respond to these complex assaults.

And that probably includes you!

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