Network Availability

Verisign Uptime Bundle

Increase website service availability and improve infrastructure performance.

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If your site is down, your sales are down. It's as simple as that.

As a business that relies on the internet, ensuring website availability and security is paramount to your organization’s success. Even one hour of downtime can result in significant lost revenues - and a malicious attack can cause serious harm to your business, your revenue, and potentially your customers.

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to ensure availability of your organization’s web infrastructure is to deploy a cloud-based DNS hosting service from a reputable vendor with a strong history in DNS management. Why turn to the cloud?

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DNS Hosting & DDoS Attack Protection

DNS Availability

Verisign Managed DNS helps to ensure the availability of your mission-critical Web-based systems, while relieving the cost and burden of maintaining DNS infrastructure internally.

Network and Application Availability

DDoS Protection Services support your efforts to maintain 100% uptime for Web-based systems and applications by protecting against DDoS attacks.

Traffic Management

Verisign’s Standard Traffic Management improves your organizations flexibility, capacity and control, while improving end-user experience.

Managed DNS DDoS Mitigation
Uptime Bundle 100 Domains

25 Million Queries

1 Standard Traffic Management
1 Attack Annually Request a Quote
Uptime Bundle Plus 500 Domains

75 Million Queries

1 Standard Traffic Management
1 Attack Annually Request a Quote