Network Availability

Managed DNS

Our secure, globally available DNS hosting service in the cloud provides you with a 100-percent service-level agreement (SLA) for DNS resolution.

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Whether it’s Web-based applications, e-commerce storefronts or essential business systems, our DNS hosting service offers features and technology you can count on.

Minimize Latency and Optimize Availability with:

Verisign Proprietary DNS Resolution Platform

Proprietary DNS Resolution Platform:

Leverage Verisign’s proprietary Advanced Transaction Look-up and Signaling (ATLAS) platform to ensure your DNS. ATLAS is used to ensure uninterrupted service for the .com and .net registries because it is faster, more reliable and more secure than the industry standard for DNS resolution.

Anycast Routing

Anycast Routing:

Gives you more options for routing traffic based on your own goals through 17 fully redundant, globally distributed DNS resolution supersites that help minimize transactional latency while optimizing availability.

Primary and Secondary DNS Hosting Service

Primary and Secondary Hosting Service:

Provides you with the flexibility to use our system as a primary DNS while maintaining your zones via our advanced web portal or as a secondary DNS that receives updates from your systems using the standard update mechanisms (AXFR and IXFR).

Improve DNS Security with:

DDoS Resilience

DDoS Resilience

Supports availability of your DNS against the threat of DNS-based DDoS attacks.

Advanced User Authentication

Advanced User Authentication:

Ensures only authorized users can access and modify your DNS Information. Our service supports Two-Factor Authentication and Single-Sign-On.



DNSSEC is an essential to help bolster the security and performance of enterprise network services by ensuring the authenticity of DNS responses to avoid cache poisoning. When activated, zones will be automatically signed and managed, thus removing the administrative burden typically associated with DNSSEC.

Zone Restore

Zone Restore: 

Zone Restore protects against user error or malicious changes by allowing customers to roll back zone changes to a previous setting.

Single Point of Control and Insights with:

Managed DNS Enhanced Reporting

Managed DNS Enhanced Reporting:

Verisign Managed DNS provides monthly reports by domain that include number of DNS queries, number of Web forwarding and other key metrics through a Web-based DNS management portal.

Managed DNS Web Forwarding Service

Web Forwarding Service: 

Web forwarding allows you to redirect one or multiple URLs to a designated site.

Managed DNS API Integration

API Integration:

Supports automation of all DNS management activities with our SOAP and REST-based APIs.

Combine Managed DNS with Traffic Management for Optimal Load Balancing in the Cloud

Verisign Traffic Management service includes Failover, Geo-Location and Weighted Load Balancing and Custom Lua Scripting; and can be integrated with your Managed DNS service. Traffic Management provides global traffic load balancing with the capacity to scale up or down with your unique business needs.

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