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Traffic Management

Put the power at your fingertips to improve network service availability and performance with global load balancing in the cloud.

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Our easily deployable suite of traffic management services enables you to route traffic to the appropriate data center or Content Delivery Network to reduce website latency, improve end-user experience, and increase the availability of your web-based services.

Our traffic management solution is delivered through value-added service options of Verisign Managed DNS.

Learn how your organization can benefit from Verisign DTM and get the top 5 use-cases where DTM is used to ensure the highest availability and the lowest ri sk of website outage.

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Our Cloud-based Delivery Provides:

  • Enhanced availability and performance of your critical internet services
  • Scalability: Globally deployed, cloud-based DNS infrastructure allows your organization to scale the service based on your unique and evolving requirements
  • Speed: Queries get to their desired location quickly with minimal latency or lag-time
  • Reduced Risk: Decreases the risk of downtime due to DNS-based DDoS attacks
  • Fast and seamless deployment (typically within three days)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: No capital expenses and lower operating costs in comparison to hardware solutions

Key Features:


Monitoring and Failover

Helps you avoid outages by routing users around slow or inoperable sites. The service monitors websites or Internet services using a variety of protocols, including DNS, Ping (ICMP) and SMTP, to determine system health and provide a back-up response when the primary service is unavailable.



Enhances user experience by reducing latency and increasing uptime. Geo-Location globally directs Internet traffic among worldwide data centers, CDNs or cloud platform providers and also delivers a DNS response based on the recursive resolver’s geographic location. The service also enables the delivery of location-specific content.


Weighted Load Balancing

Enables you to optimize infrastructure usage by balancing end-user traffic among multiple data centers according to the weights specified. Once activated, the service responds with different authoritative DNS responses each time a particular query is received.


Custom Scripting

Allows you to develop customized scripts utilizing the Lua scripting language for unlimited, unique traffic patterns. Choose from Verisign’s library of pre-developed templates or create your own based on your specific business needs. Custom scripting is available exclusively with Verisign’s upgraded service: Dynamic Traffic Management.