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Malware Incident Response: Best Practices for Effective Response



Malware attacks on critical business systems, customer data, and intellectual property are more pervasive and damaging than ever. To mitigate risks associated with these intrusions, an organization’s incident response program should incorporate best practices that accelerate responses to true threats, facilitate threat prioritization, and help prevent unnecessary emergency responses.

As a long-time operator of the .com and .net infrastructure and as a leading provider of network intelligence and availability services, Verisign has gained unique insight into malware threats and mitigation. This paper draws on the expertise of the Verisign® iDefense® Security Intelligence Services team to present best practices for responding efficiently, appropriately, and cost-effectively to malware incidents. By incorporating these practices into an overall incident response program, organizations can help ensure that their incident response team has the right information to make well-informed decisions whenever malicious software threatens the organization.

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