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Considerations for Integrating Intelligence into Security Operations



In today’s world, it’s no longer possible for organizations to prevent every potential cyber attack because the threat environment is too complex and fast moving. So businesses need a more realistic focus, which is combining prevention with a solid plan for incident response.

  • A sound, cost-effective plan requires businesses to integrate cyber threat intelligence as an essential part of their strategy for mitigating risk and remediating fraud.

Download this whitepaper that outlines four critical elements of cyber security intelligence that organizations must meet to ensure that the integration of the intelligence will help improve the safety and profitability of enterprises. These elements are:

  • How business context can drive the focus for mitigating threats
  • The lifecycle of threats
  • The impact that accuracy has on intelligence reporting
  • The need for an effective threat-response strategy when attacks do penetrate your defenses

Additionally, this report will present:

  • Four case studies showcasing the risks of unfiltered and unsubstantiated intelligence
  • Specific questions to ask when determining the best approach for an overall risk-mitigation strategy.

With increasingly targeted and potentially devastating attacks, “managing” security is no longer enough. Turn to proactive cyber threat intelligence to complement and extend your internal security operations to ensure that you know about threats before they present a real risk to the network!

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