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How to choose and register your domain name

Choose & Register Your Domain Name

The key to creating an online presence is the domain name. Learn how to choose the best domain name for your business and how to register it today.

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How to plan your online strategy

Plan Your Online Strategy

There’s more than one way to create an online presence. Explore all your options to see what works best for you.

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How small businesses set up their online presence

Set Up Your Online Presence

Get helpful tools and tips on how to get started in setting up your online presence.

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Has An Idea Hit You?

Maybe you have an idea for a small business. Perhaps you’ve already started one and are looking to take it to the next level. Don’t just flirt with your idea, make it #InternetOfficial.

Getting business online with our Internet Official contest

The #InternetOfficial Contest


When you register a new descriptive, memorable and original .COM domain name with one of our participating registrars, you are eligible to enter the Internet Official Contest.

Five monthly finalists — that's 15 finalists in three months — will each receive $5,000 AND have the opportunity to compete for the grand prize of $30,000!

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Benefits of small businesses using branded email

97% of consumers use the internet to research products or services in their local area.

Learn why getting online could benefit your business

Consumers globally look online for local goods from small businesses

77% of small businesses said websites are the most effective online marketing tool for creating awareness and strengthening customer relationships.

Explore which online presence is right for your business

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Expand Your Audience Reach

Now that you’re online, learn how to expand your audience reach with these marketing tactics.

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Optimize and Secure Your Website

Get tips on how to optimize and secure your website.

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