Verisign iDefense® Security Intelligence Services give information security executives access to accurate and actionable cyber intelligence related to vulnerabilities, malicious code and global threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Prioritized and accurate vulnerability management assistance

Get complete coverage throughout the vulnerability lifecycle

Verisign iDefense® offers vulnerability management
Verisign’s iDefense® Vulnerability Management Services offer your business the intelligence, insight and integration you need to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Advance Knowledge of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

The Verisign iDefense® team conducts around-the-clock research of the more than 20,000 closely monitored applications, hardware and operating systems to uncover exploits and proactively notify our customers of vulnerabilities.

Explore our list of vendor-coordinated, publicly disclosed vulnerabilities

Integrated with Industry Tools and Platforms

iDefense® vulnerability data (both public and exclusive vulnerabilities) integrates with QualysGuard® VM vulnerability scan data and internal IT assets replace the manual process of vulnerability management through automated correlation. This integration capability drives efficiency, better decision-making capability and the ability to increase return on security investments.

Integrated Intelligence capabilities are currently in place with:

Qualys-Skybox Security-Archer-ArcSight

Drive Mitigation and Patch Efforts

Our analysts monitor a threat throughout its lifecycle and alert clients when a threat is real or, alternatively, when it is not. With this in-depth, client-specific intelligence, we’re able to advise our clients with tailored recommendations on patch and vulnerability prioritizations, and workarounds that will drive accurate remediation.

Access to Verisign iDefense® Experts

Our vulnerability analysts are available to provide you with actionable and accurate cyber information related to your specific computing environment.

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