The Verisign iDefense Vulnerability Team conducts around-the-clock research and notification of vulnerabilities and exploits that target any of the more than 20,000 closely monitored applications, hardware and operating systems.

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Explore our list of vendor-coordinated publicly disclosed vulnerabilities:

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12.29.03 Netscape/Mozilla Javascript Function.thaw() Vulnerabilities
10.29.03 SAPlpd Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
10.24.03 Lycoris Desktop/LX Control Center Insecure File Permissions Vulnerability
09.29.03 Samba SMBClient Remote Heap Overflow Vulnerability
09.25.03 Sambar Server Multiple Vulnerabilities
09.16.03 Remote Root Exploitation of Default Solaris sadmind Setting
09.10.03 Two Exploitable Overflows in PINE
07.30.03 Firebird Weak Password Encryption Vulnerability
07.29.03 Buffer Overflow in Sun Solaris Runtime Linker
07.29.03 Kaspersky Anti-Virus Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
07.01.03 Caché Insecure Installation File and Directory Permissions
06.25.03 PHP/Apache .htaccess Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
06.20.03 ZeroG InstallAnywhere5 Symlink Vulnerability
06.16.03 Linux-PAM getlogin() Spoofing Vulnerability
06.11.03 Denial of Service Vulnerability in SMC Networks' Barricade Wireless Router
05.30.03 Apache Portable Runtime Denial of Service and Arbitrary Code
05.22.03 Authentication Bypass in iisPROTECT
05.15.03 Solaris uucp Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
04.30.03 CommuniGate Pro WebMail Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
04.15.03 MapInfo Discovery Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
04.09.03 Denial of Service in Microsoft ISA Server and MS Proxy
04.08.03 Denial of Service in Apache HTTP Server 2.x
03.31.03 Buffer Overflow in Windows QuickTime Player
03.29.03 StarOS Static Private Key Usage Vulnerability
03.19.03 Heap Overflow in Windows Script Engine
03.04.03 Locally Exploitable Buffer Overflow in file(1)
02.27.03 TCPDUMP Denial of Service Vulnerability in ISAKMP Packet Parsing
02.12.03 Buffer Overflow in AIX libIM.a
02.11.03 UnixWare setuid Applications Contain Buffer Overflow
02.10.03 Buffer Overflow In NOD32 Antivirus Software for Unix
02.03.03 HP UX passwd Binary Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
01.29.03 AIX dtprintinfo buffer overflow Vulnerability
01.28.03 SSH2 Clients Insecurely Store Passwords
01.21.03 Buffer Overflows in Mandrake Linux

Defense Vulnerability Contributor Program
The iDefense Vulnerability Contributor Program (VCP) compensates individuals who provide iDefense with advance notification of unpublished vulnerabilities and exploit code. The VCP focuses on vulnerability research submissions, presented to iDefense by the general public, defining new vulnerabilities and exploits uncovered in prominent enterprise-level software and infrastructure components.

Verisign iDefense Awarded Frost &amp; Sullivan 2012 Vulnerability Research Product Differentiation Excellence

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