The Expanding DDoS Attack Surface: DNS Vulnerabilities & Mitigation Strategies


One look at the headlines and it is clear that DDOS attacks are increasing in size and frequency, but in addition they are getting more complex. Today's attacks are not just volumetric; multi-vector attacks that target services including DNS are common place. Experiencing a DDOS attack can have disastrous effects and most companies are woefully unprepared to defend against them. The traditional approach is no longer effective and companies need a new strategy to mitigate complex multi-vector DDOS attacks. Protection of DNS is a key component in evolving beyond the traditional approach.

Join guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc., Senior Analyst Rick Holland and Verisign V.P. of Technology Sean Leach for our exclusive on demand as they discuss a new approach to defending against these attacks in a manner that ensures operational effectiveness and scalable protection to ultimately drive availability of your critical web systems.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Current DDoS trends and attack vectors
  • The pitfalls and business impact around traditional defenses
  • New strategies for scaling operations and infrastructure to proactively respond to complex attacks

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