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Arming Financial and eCommerce Services Against Top 2013 Cyberthreats



According to Gartner, high-bandwidth DDoS attacks are becoming the new norm and will continue wreaking havoc on unprepared enterprises in 2013 with eCommerce and financial services companies being especially susceptible to these increasingly sophisticated attacks. Gartner’s report Arming Financial and eCommerce Services Against Top 2013 Cyberthreats provides valuable information about trends and best practices for firms to protect themselves and avoid costly damage.

As a trusted partner, Verisign helps companies maintain availability of critical web systems through cloud-based managed DNS and DDoS protection offerings that are essential to a comprehensive DDoS protection strategy. Our cloud-based DDoS mitigation as well as managed DNS services can mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks against DNS name servers and help maintain website availability. These services are offered to all segments of the market and can be customised according to an organisation’s unique risk profile and complement an existing DDoS solution.

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