Topic: Cyber Threat Awareness

Topic: Cyber Threat Awareness

This Cyber Threat Awareness seminar is the first of a series of Cyber Security Essentials educational seminars brought to you by Verisign. Discussion and insight will be shared by Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence analysts and Mark Brown, EY’s UK & Ireland Cyber Security Assurance Leader and former SABMiller Global CISO.

This seminar will provide you with a strategic perspective on the current cyber threats that pose a risk to UK businesses and information assets. With an aim to help you increase awareness of cyber threats, assess the potential impact of these threats to your business and begin work to build a set of priorities for proactive protection, relative to your specific line of business and risk profile.

Topics include:

  • Cyber-crime: Malicious cyber activity motivated by financial gain
  • Cyber espionage: Computer network-enabled intelligence gathering intended to facilitate strategic, economic or competitive advantage
  • Hacktivism: Cyber threat activity to achieve publically-stated political or ideological goals
  • Organizational Flash points: Business operations that can impact your risk stature
  • Establishing a proactive response specific to your organisation

We will also provide an update on the latest tools and techniques that adversaries are likely to use against your organisation, from mass-scale DDoS attacks, hacktivist threat activity and targeted malware attacks.

Ultimately, you will walk away with a clear set of priorities to build your cyber security resilience and a focused view of the business case to support it.

It will also be a great opportunity to network with your peers and share best practice on these increasingly critical topics.