Why It's Time to Be Online

Why It's Time to Be Online

Whether you already have a business or are just starting one, building an online presence is a critical part of creating a professional identity or brand on the Internet.

By being online, you are keeping up with the way most people search for companies and services. It’s a very low-cost way to extend the reach of your business and make it convenient for customers to find and interact with you. A solid Web presence also helps customers feel more confident and secure in your professionalism.

The Wall Street Journal reported that website company Weebly surveyed over three million consumers who created websites using its service and found 56% of respondents said they don't trust a business without a website. Whether they get online via computer, smart phone, tablet, game console or TV—the vast majority of your customers and potential customers are online to manage and enjoy their lives. You want your business to be online when they come looking for your products and services.

The following sections include basic information about an online presence and how to choose the most effective options for your unique business:

Why You Need to be Online

If you have a small business, the benefits to be gained from being online will start almost immediately. Be professional. Be found. Be where potential customers are seeking your products and services. Read more

Best Practices for Creating an Online Presence

Take the first steps toward creating a professional online presence with our advice on all the basics: domain name, website, branded email, and social networks. Read more


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