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Put the power at your fingertips to improve network service availability and performance with global load balancing in the cloud.

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Increase Availability, Improve User Experience and Optimize Network Performance in the Cloud

Verisign Dynamic Traffic Management is easily deployable and enables you to use any relevant data, including performance metrics, to direct Internet traffic utilizing custom scripts. With DTM, you can choose the appropriate Content Delivery Network (CDN) or data center based on dynamically updated information, like time-of-day, geographic region and pricing. The possibilities are endless, enabling your organization to direct traffic based on virtually any criteria.

DTM is available as a value-added service option of Verisign Managed DNS.

Learn how your organization can benefit from Verisign DTM and get the top 5 use-cases where DTM is used to ensure the highest availability and the lowest risk of website outage.

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Our Cloud-based Delivery Provides:

  • Scalability: Globally deployed, cloud-based DNS infrastructure allows your organization to scale the service based on your unique and evolving requirements
  • Speed: Queries get to their desired location quickly with minimal latency or lag-time
  • Reduced Risk: Decreases the risk of downtime due to DNS-based DDoS attacks
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: No capital expense and lower operating costs in comparison to hardware solutions

Virtually Unlimited Customization Options for Shaping Unique Traffic Patterns According to Your Business Needs

  • No Boundaries: Integrates virtually any criteria to include third-party monitoring data, enterprise-driven metrics and complex business rules
  • Flexibility: Enables your organization to change traffic management configurations quickly and easily