DDoS Protection

Detect and respond to DDoS threats quickly. Verisign’s cloud-based monitoring and mitigation services provide a scalable solution to today’s increasingly complex DDoS attacks.

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Identify and Divert DDoS Attacks to Protect Your Network

With Verisign DDoS monitoring and mitigation services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that legitimate users can access your online applications and services during a DDoS attack.


Before you can respond to suspicious cyber activity, you must identify it.

DDoS Product Feature: Network Traffic Baselines

Network Traffic Baselines

We collect sample packets and other pertinent information from switches, routers and other devices to establish a view of normal traffic. We feed this information into a correlation engine for threat detection, alerts and reporting.

DDoS Product Feature: Real-Time Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboard

24/7 access to a secure Web dashboard providing real-time information about your site’s network traffic patterns and enabling you to respond to potential threats quickly. Features include: alerts, bandwidth and traffic graphs, escalation plan management, reports and more.

DDoS Product Feature: Customized Escalation Plan

Customized Escalation Plan

Based on the information you provide during customer set-up, Verisign creates a customized escalation plan of who to contact in the event of a network crisis.

DDoS Product Feature: Centralized Monitoring

Centralized Monitoring

We provide a view across your entire network and traffic patterns all in one place, which improves the ability to quickly and confidently initiate mitigation strategies.

DDoS Product Feature: Rapid, Client-Specific Analysis

Rapid, Client-Specific Analysis

We leverage our expertise and global connections to distinguish suspicious traffic from legitimate traffic, enabling organizations to receive early warning of attacks.

DDoS Product Feature: DDoS-Specific Alerting, Logging and Reporting

DDoS-Specific Alerting, Logging and Reporting

Verisign delivers always-on monitoring, alerts based on a custom customer profiles, and advanced reporting and analysis during and after attack mitigation activities.

DDoS Product Feature: Access to Experienced DDoS Professionals

Access to Experienced DDoS Professionals

Our professionals provide advice as circumstances dictate and ensure that the team monitoring your traffic has hands-on experience.


Stop a DDoS attack in the cloud before it can harm your network.

DDoS Product Feature: Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our mitigation service works with multiple ISPs and third-party technologies providing a single solution to protect your applications across multiple locations.

DDoS Product Feature: Rapid Traffic Redirection

Rapid Traffic Redirection

When a malicious event is detected, we quickly direct the harmful traffic to a Verisign mitigation site in the cloud before it reaches a customer’s network.

DDoS Product Feature: State-of-the-Art Filtering

State-of-the-Art Filtering

Our 24/7 security team “scrubs” traffic through proprietary filtering technology and techniques that have protected critical Internet infrastructure for more than 15 years. We layer these techniques to filter out malicious traffic and allow the legitimate traffic through so that you can sustain normal business operations.

DDoS Product Feature: Cloud-Based Operations

Cloud-Based Operations

By filtering malicious traffic in the cloud, Verisign stops cyber attacks before they have the chance to significantly affect your network. This eliminates the need to dramatically over-provision bandwidth to keep up with escalating attack sizes.

DDoS Product Feature: On- And Off-Ramping Recommendations

On- And Off-Ramping Recommendations

We provide a recommendation that fits the attack—either a "surgical" IP-based approach or a broad-scale approach. This ensures your resources are optimized and individualized for each attack.

DDoS Product Feature: Post-Attack Operations

Post-Attack Operations

Have confidence in the integrity of the data exchange process as we base secure on-ramping on your post-attack security requirements.

DDoS Product Feature: Hybrid Protection

Hybrid Protection

We offer joint solutions that allow seamless interoperability between on-premise devices, cloud platforms and Verisign’s cloud-based DDoS Protection Service.

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No matter what level of DDoS Protection Service you choose, we’re on hand to help.

DDoS Product Feature: Around-the-Clock Access

Around-the-Clock Access

We’re available 24/7 in case your critical online systems and applications need swift and thorough mitigation.

DDoS Product Feature: Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Our DDoS experts can provide advice as circumstances dictate and ensure that the team monitoring your traffic has hands-on experience.

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