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Featured Project

AV-Meter: A Methodical Evaluation of Malware Scans and Labeling

Verisign Labs conducted experimental studies of the performance of antivirus (AV) scans in labeling malware samples, as well as how consistent they are with each other. This results of the project include an invitation to the community to challenge assumptions about relying on AV scans and labels as a ground truth for malware analysis and classification.

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Featured Collaborations

University of Fribourg

University of Fribourg Department of Informatics is working with Verisign researchers in Switzerland to explore research topics in a variety of domain naming and analysis topics.

UCLA's Computer Science Department

UCLA's Computer Science Department is a center for computer science research, covering such diverse areas as artificial intelligence; architecture; computational biology; information and data management; networks; software systems, theory; and vision and graphic.

Distinguished Speaker Series

Distinguished Speaker Series

Every quarter we bring together members of the technical community to network and listen to others talk about issues related to Internet technology.

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Introducing getdns: a Modern, Extensible, Open Source API for the DNS

I am very pleased to announce the public introduction of getdns at The Next Web in Amsterdam (TNWEurope) April 23-24, 2014. Verisign Labs and NLNet Labs in collaboration have developed getdns, an open source implementation of the getdns-api application programming interface (api) specification.

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DNS Outages: The Challenges of Operating Critical Infrastructure

Recent attacks targeting enterprise websites have created greater awareness around how critical DNS is for the reliability of Internet services and the potentially catastrophic impact of a DNS outage. The DNS, made up of a complex system of root and lower level name servers, translates user-friendly domain names to numerical IP addresses. With few exceptions, DNS lives in a grey area between IT and network operations. With the increasing occurrences of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and exploitation of user errors through techniques such as typosquatting and phishing, enterprises can no longer take a passive role in managing their DNS Internet infrastructure.

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Proceedings of Name Collisions Workshop Available

Presentations, papers and video recordings from the name collisions workshop held earlier this month in London are now available at the workshop web site,

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