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  • Docusign.net
  • The-Toast.net
  • Fifteen.net
  • Thisbigcity.net
  • Behance.net
  • DJBooth.net
  • SocietyFair.net
  • LooseGrip.net
  • Cosmosgalaxy.net

  • e-Zest.net
  • India-tours.net
  • OrangeCabs.net
  • Talwalkars.net


Electronic signature company DocuSign uses both a .com and .net site for their online presence, see how.


Two literature passionate friends quit their jobs and took a chance by starting The-Toast.net a daily blog, and it paid off. Hear their story.


Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London isn’t just changing dining it’s changing lives. The restaurant awards 15 apprenticeships to applicants looking for a second chance in life and donates all its proceeds to charity. See this amazing story and why they chose to build their Web presence on a .net here.


Joe Peach is passionate about cities and sustainability. To share his passion with the world he built This Big City, which has grown into a community of people all over the world who share his passion. See how he built this network on a .net here.


Behance is a platform for creatives to be discovered and showcase their creative work. From graphic designers to illustrators and everything in between, it's a network to help creatives be found so they can continue creating the things that make our lives interesting. Being a .net wasn't an accident for Behance, they have their .com but choose to brand their site as a .net to tell the world that they're a network.


DJ Booth started over 10 years ago as a site to feature DJs and has evolved into an entire network of DJs, producers, artists, and fans looking to discover the cutting edge of music. To convey this, they chose .net for their fans to find them on. Hear more of their story here.


At Society Fair, they're passionate about food, good food at that. They wanted to expand their full service retail location that serves as not only a restaurant but also wine bar, bakery, butcher, retail store and event site with their online presence. Through that, they've built relationships with loyal customers who have never stepped foot into their space. Hear their story here.


“If you want to be taken seriously in any competitive client-based industry, you can’t create opportunities for prospects to question your commitments or professionalism. A strong first impression is critical for opening up your business and a website is often the first place clients look.”

– Neil Callanan, Founder and CEO of LooseGrip Communications

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“Our website with a .net domain is vital to our success. It is an ideal choice, as it complements our online presence and clearly states that we are an Internet business. It speaks directly to an audience that is online. A recognizable domain name, such as .net, lends credibility to our business and gives large organizations the confidence to reach out to us for gifting ideas and concepts. Our .net website is key to our business growth.”

– Vibhuti Mittal, Founder and Director of Cosmosgalaxy

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“The advantages of registering a .net domain name grew multifold for us when we started receiving business inquiries from sectors we least expected. As a company, we are passionate about technology and applying it to make our customers’ products better and deliver value. Similarly, our selection of a .net domain name for our website continues to deliver value for us.”

– Devendra Deshmukh, Founder and Director of e-Zest

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“We zeroed in on a .net domain name at a time when it was a different option to pick over and above other established domain names. We wanted a domain name that matched our entrepreneurial disposition and the desire to be innovative. Choosing a .net domain name has worked for our business and has been totally worth it. It has helped us establish a credible and exclusive brand online in the tourism industry in India, a sector where new companies are launching everywhere.”

– Tejbir Singh Anand, Managing Director of Holiday Moods Adventures

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“Orange Cabs has been immensely satisfied with the decision to register a .net domain for its web presence. It has helped us create a niche in a sunrise industry and continues to distinguish us.”

– Gaurav Anand, Managing Director of Orange Cabs

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“A .net domain name is globally recognized for communication and information dissemination and is synonymous with the Internet. As a company, we have always been ahead of the curve and a .net domain name as our website address complements this vision. It helps us break away from a cluttered domain name convention and puts us in the company of other like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs.”

– Mr. Nitin Shakdher, Vice President of Marketing for Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd.

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