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Leveraging .com

See how others are using the Internet’s Premier Online Identity

.com is the domain name of choice for millions of individuals and business all over the world. Explore success stories that illustrate why .com is the perfect launchpad for getting your business online.

  • PuppetsByGwen.com
  • Docusign.com
  • EnduraCenter.com
  • PatientsLikeMe.com
  • DougFrancis.com
  • InkHouse.com
  • NaturallyCoolKids.com
  • FranceFleurs.com
  • ParshwaDyes.com
  • TanyaExports.com


Gwen Dean might just have the most famous “I quit” story ever, on the SuperBowl in front of over 110M people. She took the big leap, quit her job, and turned to GoDaddy to help her pursue her passion of a puppet business, starting with her website puppetsbygwen.com.


Electronic signature company DocuSign uses both a .com and .net site for their online presence, see how.


The only option for the Endurance Athlete Center (EAC) was .com. Kerri Kramer, owner of EAC, tells us about her journey and what led her to opening this one-of-a-kind facility that caters to endurance athletes.


Patients Like Me is setting out to change healthcare by making it truly about the patient and improving their care. Though they have many other extensions for their company site, they choose to proclaim their .com loudly, see the impact they are making with it here.


Northern Virginia realtor, Doug Francis needed to set himself apart from the other 13,000 realtors out there and turned to his .com to help him do just that. See how he's using his Web presence to build his real estate business.


InkHouse is a PR and social content agency that seeks to distinguish itself with their tailored approach for each client, no one-size-fits-all here. They own both their .com and .net because they know the importance of owning their brand. See their story here.


"Our site is crucial to our growth. When you want to find out about something you always go to the Internet first, no matter how big or small the company is. I chose a .com domain as I was launching products that had a big brand look. As people see .com as a reputable domain and the one they always input first when searching for companies online, this was a must have."

– Fiona Wood, CEO, Naturally Cool Kids

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"The arrival of the Internet and the crisis radically changed consumer behaviour, with our customers increasingly using short channels, yet still insisting on high quality. Our strength was the way in which we managed to predict the use of the Internet and consider consumers’ needs, so that we could deliver products that perfectly met their expectations. The Internet is a powerful sales and marketing tool, but if it wasn’t for our skills and knowledge, we wouldn’t be where we are today."

– Frédéric Dejeanty, Managing Director of France Fleurs.

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"Just as we like to provide the best service and quality to our clients, we too look for the best deal when buying a product or service. A .com domain name extension is one of the most recognized and popular domain name extensions online. It is the oldest domain name that we know of and is used by most companies and hence was the only choice for us."

– Mr. Jitender Patel, CEO, Parshwanath Group of Industries

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"Our number one priority was to enhance our visibility across multiple geographies, and a .com domain name helped us do just that. It is one of the most recognized and searched domain name extensions online and hence was an easy pick for us."

– Mr. M.P. Shah, CEO, Tanya Exports

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