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Advanced Threat Research

Create mitigation strategies to identify and defend against APT activity before the threat compromises your organization’s mission-critical information.

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Verisign® iDefense Advanced Threat Research Service (ATRS) provides proactive intelligence that improves an organization’s ability to prevent and mitigate the damages from advanced persistent threat (APT) campaigns.

Organizations mitigate against advanced persistent threat

The emergence of the APT continues to put public and private organizations at risk. These sophisticated attacks can put large amounts of highly-valuable and sensitive information at risk through a high degree of penetration within the target organization. The multi-faceted complexity of these threats makes uncovering them very difficult for a single organization – which is why access to up-to-date information and analysis is critical.

The general, industry-wide lack of preparedness against these threats reveals a surging need for a tailored intelligence driven security approach that provides tactical, operational and strategic information to defend against these requirement-driven cyber espionage campaigns.

That’s where Verisign® iDefense ATRS comes in. By providing in-depth analysis of individual attack campaigns – including associated infrastructure, malicious organizations, motivations, and procedures – Verisign iDefense ATRS gives your organizations:

  • The pertinent information you need to help identify and contain threats before they negatively impact the network
  • The ability to focus on identifying threat activity before the attackers gain a significant presence within your organization’s network
  • The opportunity to enhance the capability of your security team to identify or mitigate APT attacks