How to Get Online

Why Get Online

If you have a small business, the benefits to be gained from being online go far beyond being listed as a result of a Web search.

Having a business domain name and online presence can improve many of your current business operations and, importantly, make many tasks more convenient for your customers.

Here is an outline of some general benefits of leveraging your online presence:

How Being Online Can Improve Business for You & Your Customers

Task Customer Service Recruitment Marketing Invoicing

Domain Name

Branded E-mail

Website/Social Network

Domain Name

Website/Social Network

Branded E-mail

Domain Name

Website/Social Network

Domain Name

Branded E-mail

Business Benefits

Your business and relevant customer information can be found online, reducing the need for phone calls

A more professional, confidence-inspiring appearance online

Unlike phone calls, you can read and return e-mails 24/7

Online chat capabilities allow you to speak to your customers directly online.

List job opportunities with online employment websites with a link to your website

Present a professional appearance for job prospects

Lower cost posting job openings online

Your business will be indexed by search engines, to be automatically found online.

Post comments or testimonials of happy customers

List Web address on ads, fliers, windows

Many free marketing and promotion options

Referrals made easy!

Costs less than the post for sending bills

Online bill pay is a professional and convenient service to offer

Confirm delivery of e-mails with invoices

Send reminders easily

Customer Benefits

Makes it convenient to look up information about your business (hours/services) and contact you

E-mail is a convenient, 24/7 mode of communication

A Verisign survey found that consumers feel more comfortable engaging with a business with a branded e-mail

Job prospects can research the position and your company online.

Prospects can easily find you and contact you

People can more easily refer job prospects

New customers can find the right business for what they seek, most would miss you if you were not online

Domain name and branded e-mail make customers more likely to select your business


Send bills quickly

No paper bill pile-up


Domain Name – using your own business name for website, social network pages, and/or e-mail, e.g.
Branded E-mail – using an e-mail with domain name instead of Gmail or Yahoo, e.g.
Website – a branded, exclusive website of one or more pages at your domain name Web address
Social Network – a page on a site such as Facebook or Twitter where you can promote your business, page can be reached via the network or “pointed to” with your own exclusive domain name Web address

At Verisign, we have operated the domain name infrastructure for .com and .net for over a decade. We have worked with many small business owners who felt some hesitation about being online. But time and time again, once they get their business domain name, build a website, and/or post social network pages – the benefits are immediate. In as little as one day, they have made their business easier to find and made it more convenient for their customers to learn about them and to get in touch. Take the first step and you will be up and running.