How to Get Online

How to Choose a Domain Name

Your domain name is going to be the front door to anyone searching for your products and services on the Web.

With the dominance of search engines such as Google, customers are not as likely to type in a domain name or URL as they are to type key words into a search engine. As you think about your domain name, there are a few areas to cover:


If your business name is Pipes Plumbing in Peoria – you will want to locate the domain name or something similar that reflects your name in the most straightforward fashion. This allows you to have control of your name and your brand online. As noted above, you may want to register more than one domain name so that your business appears in results for more searches.

Location & Categories

Due to the dominance of search engines, you may want to also pursue the registration of domain names that also capture your locations or business category. For example, the plumbing company cited above could research names like “” or “” or “” Google reports that as many as one in every five searches on their site is for local information, make your business more locally relevant with this easy step.


Some companies become known for their tagline like “You’re in Good Hands” – this is another option for a domain strategy. If Pipes Plumbing is known around town for the tagline on their vans, e.g. “In a Plumbing Pickle? Picky Peoria Picks Pipes Plumbing!” – You can actually register that phrase or parts of it as a domain name, e.g. Or at the very least, protect your brand by registering and protecting a tagline or motto that is associated with your business.

With this in mind, we recommend that you write up a list of your top domain name choices then check their availability. If the choices you want are available, the next step is to register your domain names.

Register Your Domain Names

There are many choices of registrars to register your domain name for you. Ask friends and family for references or use this Verisign page to look up a registrar. Registrars are the domain retailers that send the necessary domain name system (DNS) information to a registry such as Verisign – the wholesaler – to register a domain name on behalf of your business.

Find a Registrar