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V-webmail Multiple Vulnerabilities



V-webmail is a PHP based webmail application with additional features, including many uses for web applications.


Richard Heyes' V-webmail has been found to contain numerous vulnerabilities that can provide a remote attacker with local privileges on an affected system.

The V-webmail web-based e-mail application contains three separate vulnerabilities:

View arbitrary files

An authenticated user could provide a filename as the value of the mbox parameter to the script email.list.php to view the contents of arbitrary files under the privileges of the user under which the web process executes. An example attack URL is:

The above URL would present the attacker with the contents of the /etc/passwd file.

Create arbitrary files

The script email.folders.php is responsible for the creation of folders. The script is vulnerable to directory traversal techniques allowing an authenticated user to create mailbox files anywhere on the file system under the privileges of the user under which the web process executes.

Arbitrary command execution

An authenticated user could execute arbitrary commands by following a series of steps that involve emailing to self with arbitrary commands that would be run with the priveleges of the mail server.


The above-described vulnerabilities require valid logon credentials for exploitation. Successful exploitation could provide a remote attacker with local access to the affected system. The attacker would possess the capability to launch local privilege escalation attacks.

iDEFENSE has proof of concept exploit code demonstrating the impact of this vulnerability.


These vulnerabilities were detected on version 1.4.0 of V-webmail, and are known to exist on earlier versions.


These vulnerabilities have reportedly been addressed in the latest version of v-webmail.


A Mitre Corp. Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) number has not been assigned to this issue.


11/16/2002   Exploit acquired by iDEFENSE
11/22/2002   Initial vendor notification
11/25/2002   iDEFENSE Clients notified
12/08/2002   Public Disclosure


Karol Wiesek is credited with this discovery.

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