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Allison Mankin

Allison Mankin


Doctoral coursework/leave of absence, Computer Science Department, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
M.S.I.S., Computer and Information Systems, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
M.A., English, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
A.B., English, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

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Director, Verisign Labs


Allison Mankin is the Director in the Verisign Labs DNS Research team. Before joining Verisign, she most recently worked at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory on DNSSEC and TCP security. Before Hopkins, she was a Program Director in the Computer and Network Systems Division at the National Science Foundation, co-directing the Future Internet Design (FIND) program among others.

Allison has worked on Internet infrastructure, security and transport research since the mid-80s. With funding from DARPA, NSF, DHS, Sprint, Microsoft, she and collaborators contributed in significant ways to DNS and BGP security, internet multimedia, congestion control and IPv6 design.

Allison has been active in the Internet Engineering Task Force and other organisations since early on in the development of the Internet. At IETF, she served on the Internet Engineering Steering Group for ten years: Transport Area Director 1993-1997, Transport Area Director 2000-2006, IP Next Generation Area Director 1993-1995. With Scott Bradner, Allison co-led the IETF’s process for selecting IP Next Generation that led to the IPv6 protocol. In addition to IPv6, Allison managed robust standards development for TCP, VOIP, RSVP and IP storage, to name just a few. Allison founded and co-chaired the Reliable Multicast Transport (rmt) and Geolocation Privacy (geopriv) working groups and the Process and Tools (proto) team.

Situated in the DC area, Allison also worked at the Mitre Corporation, USC/ISI, Bell Labs, Shinkuro and a few other organisations. She spent almost eight years establishing network research for USC/ISI at the ISI-East location, where her work included directing an open source, open membership WAN testbed called CAIRN with over 50 sites in the US and UK, which has been recognised as the precursor of PlanetLab. She was one of the inventors of the MBONE, which introduced the notion of a virtual network topology based on engineered tunnels, as well as enabling the spread of packet multimedia and of the Digital Amphitheatre, a tool for video conferences for 10s-100s of participants.


Selected RFCs
J. Touch, A. Mankin, R. Bonica, The TCP Authentication Option, IETF Standards Track RFC 5925, 2010.

H. Levkowetz, D. Meyer, L. Eggert, A. Mankin, Document Shepherding from Working Group Last Call to Publication, IETF Informational RFC 4858, 2007.

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L. Gharai, C. Perkins, G. Goncher, A. Mankin, RTP Payload Format for Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) 292M Video, IETF Standards Track RFC 3497, 2003.

A. Mankin, A. Romanow, S. Bradner, V. Paxson, IETF Criteria for Evaluating Reliable Multicast Transport and Application Protocols, IETF Informational RFC 2357, 1998.

S. Bradner, A. Mankin, The Recommendation for the IP Next Generation Protocol, IETF Standards Track RFC 1752, 1995.

Papers and Articles (last 10 years)
A. Friedlander, A. Mankin, W. D. Maughan, S.D. Crocker, DNSSEC: A Protocol Towards Securing the Internet Infrastructure, Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery (CACM), 2007.

H. Tschofenig, H. Schulzrinne, A. Newton, J. Peterson, A. Mankin, The IETF Geopriv and Presence Architecture Focusing on Location Privacy, W3C Workshop on Privacy, 2006.

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X. Zhao, M. Lad, D. Pei, L. Wang, D. Massey, A. Mankin, S.F. Wu, L. Zhang, An Analysis of BGP Multiple Original AS (MOAS) Conflicts, DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition (DISCEX), 2003.

L. Wang, D. Pei, X. Zhao, R. Bush, D. Massey, A. Mankin, L. Zhang, S.F. Wu, Observation and Analysis of BGP Behaviour Under Stress, SIGCOMM Internet Measurement (IMW), 2002.

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L. Gharai, C. Perkins, R. Riley, A. Mankin, Large-Scale Conferencing: A Digital Amphitheatre, International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, 2002.

C. Perkins, L. Gharai, T. Lehmann, A. Mankin, Experiments with Delivery of HDTV over IP Networks, Packet Video (PV), 2002.

L. Gharai, C. Perkins, A. Mankin, Large Group Teleconferencing: Techniques and Considerations, International Conference on Internet Computing (ICOMP), 2002.

Panels and Talks (last 10 years)
Panelist: Cyber Security: Views from Government, Private Sector and Academia, IEEE MILCOM 2010.

Invited Talk: Security Research and Future Internet Architecture Research, CyberTrust PI Meeting, 2008.

Panelist: Today's World Transformed and a Look Into the Future NSFNET: The Partnership that Changed the World, 2007.

Panel Organiser: Research Initiatives for a Future Internet, 35th Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy (TPRC), 2007.

Invited Talk: Trust Infrastructure and DNSSEC Deployment, NIST Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Workshop, 2006.

Invited Talk: DNS Risks and DNSSEC, Winter Joint Techs Workshop, 2006.

Invited Talk: Deploying Security for the DNS, Internet2 Autumn Member Meeting, 2005.

Chair, DNSSEC: The Registrars' View Workshop, Vancouver ICANN Meeting, 2005.

Co-Chair, IETF/ITU Workshop on the Next Generation Network Architecture, Geneva, Switzerland, 2005.

Co-Chair, Use Cases and Deployments for DNSSEC Workshop, Mar del Plata Argentina ICANN Meeting, 2005.

Talk: Impact of Border Controllers on Security, ATIS Security for Telecoms Summit, 2004.

Co-Chair, 3GPP/IETF Architecture Workshop, 2003.

Talk: Security of Voice over IP, ATIS Security for Telecoms Summit, 2003.

Invited Talk: Open Research Issues in Applying Security to Network Protocol Standards. Inaugural talk of NSF's Washington Area Trustworthy Systems Hour (WATSH) series, Apr 2002.

S. Bradner, A. Mankin (Book Editors), IPng: Internet Protocol Next Generation, Addison-Wesley, 1996 (Paperback Edition, 2000).

Forward for G. Camarillo, M.A. Garcia-Martin, The 3G IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Wiley, 2006.

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