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Verisign Labs

Verisign Labs is an essential part of Verisign's commitment to making the Internet a safe and reliable place for people to do business and interact. Our goals are to facilitate the continued development of Verisign's intellectual property assets, be a leader in the industry through our participation in technical forums and do applied research that supports the Internet community and creates new opportunities for Verisign.

  • The Internet Has a Team

    Verisign Labs collaborates with the broader technical community to research ways of strengthening the Internet.

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  • Identifying Malware on Androids

    Verisign is supporting Virginia Tech in developing an approach to identify malware on Android devices.

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  • What's New?

    Get the latest on what is happening at Verisign Labs. Check out our blog posts, videos and Twitter activity.

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  • Investing in Innovation

    Verisign Labs guides and nurtures the development of Verisign’s corporate intellectual property portfolio.

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  • Thought Leadership

    We are expanding our leadership role in the community to tackle the Internet’s greatest challenges.

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  • Domain Registration Process

    UNC is working with Verisign to explore natural language processing to improve the domain name selection.

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  • Transitive Trust Checker

    This tool produces graphs that show how zones are related based on names, addresses and AS numbers.

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Grant Program
Verisign awards two USD 200,000.00 research grants to support research that has the potential to improve the availability and security of the Internet. Learn more

World IPv6 Launch
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