Cyber threats are constantly evolving as cybercriminals are developing new methods of attack every day. And it is not just big businesses that they are targeting. Today, anyone and everyone is a target for cybercriminals. The resources on this page can help you understand cyber threats and how to develop a successful cyber security plan to help keep you safe online.


Verisign® iDefense® Security Intelligence Services give information security executives 24/7 access to accurate and actionable cyber intelligence related to vulnerabilities, malicious code and global threats. Our cloud-based DDoS monitoring and mitigation services provide a scalable solution to today's increasingly complex attacks. Watch the video to learn more about Verisign's DDoS Protection Services.


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Six Approaches to Creating an Enterprise Cyber Intelligence Program
by Josh Ray
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Solving Challenges of Scale in Data and Language
by Burt Kaliski
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IANA 2.0: Ensuring ICANN Accountability and Transparency for the Future
by Keith Drazek
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The Evolving Threat of Amplification DDoS Attacks
by Sean Leach
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Verisign Named to the OTA’s 2014 Online Trust Honor Roll
by Blog Moderator
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Cyber Security Infographic

Cyber Security Infographic
Did you know that every second, 14 adults become victims of cybercrime?* Download our infographic to get a quick look at the array of threats the world faces today.

*Norton Cybercrime Study, Sept. 2011