Online business ideas for introverts

If you prefer to work alone, the web provides various opportunities for self-employment.

To be successful in the modern workplace a person needs good communication skills and the ability to interact well with their colleagues. But what about people who are not good at these things? Those who are naturally more introverted might prefer to work alone, but that can put them at a disadvantage in environments where close collaboration with others is necessary.

Fortunately the web has helped to provide more career options for introverts. As well as the ability to work remotely in a lot of jobs, there are numerous opportunities to become self-employed by building web-based businesses which require minimal interaction with other people.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing schemes, such as those run by, offer website owners the ability to earn sales commission by encouraging their visitors to buy products from the seller. For example, you could set up a movie-review blog and earn money by including affiliate-links to the Amazon product pages for the DVDs (or other related merchandise) for the movies you review.

Amazon tracks the people who come from your site, and if they make a purchase you earn a small commission. Although the commission earnings may seem small (starting at 4% for Amazon), they can add up to significant amounts if you build a website with a lot of traffic, or you are helping to sell products with a high value.

To be successful at affiliate marketing, you need to build a site which will attract a large audience and that earns the trust of that audience. The key is to create a lot of good quality content that people will find valuable, and to include affiliate links that are highly relevant to your content and audience.


Drop-shipping is a system whereby you run an online retail site but you do not hold any stock. Instead, when a customer orders a product through your website the order is passed directly to the wholesaler who then ships the product.

Retailers are often free to sell the products for whatever price they are able to charge, and make a profit by commanding a higher price than the supplier charges. Drop-shipping may be ideal for you if you have the technical ability to set up and run an online store, as well as promoting it to a target market.

The difficult part of setting up a drop-shipping business is finding suitable suppliers to work with. Although many companies offer drop-shipping services, they can vary in quality and service, therefore it’s important to spend some time researching suppliers to find the most suitable ones.


What skills do you bring to your day-job? Are you a marketing professional, software developer, manager, accountant, human resources expert? Whatever your specialist area, there’s a good chance that somebody out there would pay for your skills and time on a freelance, work from home basis – you just need to find them and let them know who you are.

One of the best ways to do this is to build a website to advertise your services. With your own website you can let people know exactly what you are able to offer, and clearly set out your own terms and conditions so that you can work in an environment that suits you.


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