Advertising on the Internet

Small businesses can be just as successful—in some cases more so—as large corporations using social media to market themselves online.

Advertising on the Internet

As people, most of us are already using social media in our day-to-day lives. We share everything from the weird to the mundane, we follow the news, we catch up on and debate about our favorite shows, we play games, share photos and LOL at the latest viral video.

But as small business owners, the decision to jump into building a presence in social media is somewhat trickier. For starters, there’s a dirty rumor going around that online marketing (specifically social media) can only really work for large brands. The truth is, used smartly, social media can be a powerful tool for almost any type of business.

The tricky part is developing a strategy that is both smart for your type of business and engaging for your target. Online marketing can help you build enough brand awareness to reach millions of people, but it takes good planning and a strong, consistent message in order to be effective.

As a small business, you may not have the advantage of a huge media budget, but you can edge out the competition by doing these things extremely well.

Build one-on-one relationships

With social media platforms, consumers are constantly broadcasting their encounters with brands (both positive and negative). When a customer experience can be so easily and widely broadcast, small issues become super important in a matter of minutes.. Using social media to respond to and resolve customer service issues (big or small) just as fast builds stronger relationships and more brand loyalty.

Have the nerve to be yourself

Large companies with hundreds of employees and a long-standing brand image to protect may find it more difficult than a small business to offer truly authentic engagement with their consumers. Whether it’s a Tumblr page or a Facebook account, being personable and adding a human tone to your message increases your credibility.

Use multimedia to tell a story

Communicating through multimedia is a great way to give consumers more information and a clearer image of your brand. Whether it’s taking pictures to illustrate your office culture, hosting a YouTube channel to keep consumers informed with new campaigns and initiatives, or maintaining a company blog—multimedia introduces your business to a much wider audience. Consumers are already looking for more information about your brand. Make it easier for them to find it, and package it in a more personable way.

Offer the same privileges online that you do offline

Loyal customers don’t just come from the neighborhood; they can come from all over. Rewarding a customer for engaging with you online is a good way to get them to engage with you offline. Things like offering special discounts, announcing sales, and giving sneak-peeks gives online customers more incentive to come back.

Make it easier for them to find you

If you have a website or blog, SEO (search engine optimisation) is your best friend when it comes to getting your brand in front of fresh eyes consistently. Make it easy for potential customers searching for products or content to find you by targeting them with key words and relevant content.

Small businesses can be just as successful—in some cases more so—as large corporations using social media to market themselves online. Knowing your audience, being authentic, telling a story and being consistent are just a few ways to master a social media strategy that will expand the reach of your business.


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