The Verisign iDefense Vulnerability Team conducts around-the-clock research and notification of vulnerabilities and exploits that target any of the more than 20,000 closely monitored applications, hardware and operating systems.

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Explore our list of vendor-coordinated publicly disclosed vulnerabilities:

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12.21.04 Hewlett Packard HP-UX ftpd Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12.21.04 libtiff Directory Entry Count Integer Overflow Vulnerability
12.21.04 libtiff STRIPOFFSETS Integer Overflow Vulnerability
12.21.04 Multiple Vendor Xine 0.99.2 PNM Handler Negative Read Length Overflow Vulnerability
12.21.04 Multiple Vendor Xine 0.99.2 PNM Handler PNA_TAG Heap Overflow Vulnerability
12.21.04 Multiple Vendor xpdf PDF Viewer Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12.20.04 IBM AIX chcod Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
12.20.04 IBM AIX invscout Local Command Execution Vulnerability
12.16.04 MPlayer Bitmap Parsing Remote Heap Overflow Vulnerability
12.16.04 MPlayer MMST Streaming Stack Overflow Vulnerability
12.16.04 MPlayer Remote RTSP Heap Overflow Vulnerability
12.16.04 Samba smbd Security Descriptor Integer Overflow Vulnerability
12.16.04 Veritas Backup Exec Agent Browser Registration Request Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12.15.04 Computer Associates eTrust EZ Antivirus Insecure File Permission Vulnerability
12.14.04 Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0.9 mailListIsPdf() Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12.14.04 Adobe Reader 6.0 .ETD File Format String Vulnerability
12.14.04 Microsoft Word 6.0/95 Document Converter Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12.13.04 Multiple Vendor xzgv PRF Parsing Integer Overflow Vulnerability
12.03.04 Apple Darwin Streaming Server DESCRIBE Null Byte Denial of Service Vulnerability
11.22.04 Sun Java Plugin Arbitrary Package Access Vulnerability
11.15.04 Multiple Security Vulnerabilities in Fcron
11.08.04 Samba SMBD Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
10.27.04 PuTTY SSH2_MSG_DEBUG Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
10.22.04 Novell SuSe Linux LibTIFF Heap Overflow Vulnerability
10.18.04 Multiple Vendor Anti-Virus Software Detection Evasion Vulnerability
10.11.04 Squid Web Proxy Cache Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
10.07.04 RealNetworks Helix Server Content-Length Denial of Service Vulnerability
10.06.04 MySQL MaxDB Web Agent WebDBM Server Name Denial of Service Vulnerability
10.05.04 ColdFusion MX 6.1 on IIS File Contents Disclosure
10.05.04 Symantec Norton AntiVirus Reserved Device Name Handling Vulnerability
09.30.04 Samba Arbitrary File Access Vulnerability
09.29.04 Macromedia JRun 4 mod_jrun Apache Module Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
09.27.04 IBM AIX ctstrtcasd Local File Corruption Vulnerability
09.22.04 Sophos Small Business Suite Reserved Device Name Handling Vulnerability
09.16.04 Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
09.15.04 GNU Radius SNMP String Length Integer Overflow Denial of Service Vulnerability
09.14.04 McAfee VirusScan Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
09.13.04 Samba 3.x SMBD Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
09.13.04 Samba nmbd Invalid Length Denial of Service Vulnerability
09.09.04 F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper Content Scanning Server Denial of Service Vulnerability
09.02.04 Oracle Database Server ctxsys.driload Access Validation Vulnerability
09.02.04 Oracle Database Server dbms_system.ksdwrt Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08.25.04 CDE libDtHelp LOGNAME Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08.25.04 Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08.24.04 CDE Mailer argv[0] Format String Vulnerability
08.18.04 Courier-IMAP Remote Format String Vulnerability
08.16.04 CVS Undocumented Flag Information Disclosure Vulnerability
08.13.04 Adobe Acrobat/Acrobat Reader ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08.12.04 Adobe Acrobat Reader (Unix) 5.0 Uudecode Filename Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08.12.04 Adobe Acrobat Reader (Unix) Shell Metacharacter Code Execution Vulnerability
08.09.04 AOL Instant Messenger aim:goaway URI Handler Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
08.05.04 Thompson SpeedTouch Home ADSL Modem Predictable TCP ISN Generation
08.03.04 NGSEC StackDefender 1.10 Invalid Pointer Dereference Vulnerability
08.03.04 NGSEC StackDefender 2.0 Invalid Pointer Dereference Vulnerability
08.02.04 Netscape/Mozilla SOAPParameter Constructor Integer Overflow Vulnerability
07.12.04 Adobe Reader 6.0 Filename Handler Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
07.09.04 wvWare Library Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
07.08.04 SSLTelnet Remote Format String Vulnerability
07.01.04 WinGate Information Disclosure Vulnerability
06.23.04 Lotus Notes URI Handler Argument Injection Vulnerability
06.21.04 GNU Radius SNMP Invalid OID Denial of Service Vulnerability
06.10.04 Real Networks RealPlayer URL Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
06.08.04 Squid Web Proxy Cache NTLM Authentication Helper Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
06.07.04 PHP Win32 escapeshellcmd() and escapeshellarg() Input Validation Vulnerability
05.27.04 3Com OfficeConnect Remote 812 ADSL Router Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
05.26.04 3Com OfficeConnect Remote 812 ADSL Router Telnet Protocol DoS Vulnerability
05.12.04 Opera Telnet URI Handler File Creation/Truncation Vulnerability
04.15.04 RealNetworks Helix Universal Server Denial of Service Vulnerability
04.14.04 Buffer Overflow in ISO9660 File System Component of Linux Kernel
04.13.04 Microsoft Help and Support Center Argument Injection Vulnerability
04.05.04 Perl win32_stat Function Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
03.19.04 Borland Interbase admin.ib Administrative Access Vulnerability
03.09.04 Microsoft Outlook "mailto:" Parameter Passing Vulnerability
03.02.04 FreeBSD Memory Buffer Exhaustion Denial of Service Vulnerability
02.27.04 Microsoft Internet Explorer Cross Frame Scripting Restriction Bypass
02.27.04 WinZip MIME Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
02.23.04 Darwin Streaming Server Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
02.17.04 Ipswitch IMail LDAP Daemon Remote Buffer Overflow
02.12.04 XFree86 Font Information File Buffer Overflow II
02.10.04 XFree86 Font Information File Buffer Overflow
02.04.04 GNU Radius Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability

Defense Vulnerability Contributor Program
The iDefense Vulnerability Contributor Program (VCP) compensates individuals who provide iDefense with advance notification of unpublished vulnerabilities and exploit code. The VCP focuses on vulnerability research submissions, presented to iDefense by the general public, defining new vulnerabilities and exploits uncovered in prominent enterprise-level software and infrastructure components.

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