iDefense puts enterprise security teams in control, with proactive, accurate intelligence - and informed recommendations for threat mitigation.

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Cyber attacks and high-profile data breaches regularly dominate today’s headlines, proving that the volume, severity and sophistication of cyber attacks is explosive, expansive and the impact is often devastating. Internal security teams struggle to keep up with the soaring volume and sophistication of threats. To add to this challenge, understanding regional threat implications is a difficult yet important requirement in overall enterprise risk management as organisations extend business and operations around the world. Late detection, poor clarity around which threats are most severe, and the difficulty of redirecting resources to implement mitigation strategies and risk management can place an entire business or mission on the line.

Vulnerability and malcode feeds are readily available, but lack context to effectively prioritise and make mitigation recommendations. Organisations are either exposed in areas they did not even know were vulnerable or are over-investing in an effort to keep up with everything because they lack the time to effectively analyse the severity of all threats.


Business security teams need a reliable, accurate view of serious threats, delivered in the context of their environment and organisational goals, to know what is relevant and critical.

Basic ‘threat feeds’ do not come close. iDefense Threat Awareness Services includes in-depth country and regional intelligence reports; a real-time threat feed and access to subject matter experts across vulnerability, malcode and global cyber security teams to equip security teams to:

  • Understand the global implications of any emerging or existing threat, as it evolves.
  • Proactively protect the organisation from the threats that matter most.
  • Prioritise threat mitigation strategy – and maximise internal resources.
  • Make more accurate and efficient decisions to support successful incident responses and fraud response strategies/actions.
  • Move from ‘security management’ to ‘risk management’ – and take the lead in communicating this strategy to the executive team.


iDefense gives information security executives 24/7 access to accurate and actionable cyber intelligence related to vulnerabilities, malicious code and global threats. iDefense deep analysis, insight and response recommendations helps keep businesses and government organisations ahead of new and evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Learn about the benefits of Verisign’s iDefense

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