Our DDoS Protection Services customers have 24/7 access to a secure, Web-based dashboard to help monitor real-time network traffic.

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For companies that rely on online applications and systems to run their business, managing uptime is critical. That is why with Verisign’s secure dashboard, we give you access to real-time network traffic enabling you to respond to potential threats quickly.

With our secure, web-based dashboard you receive:

  • Alerts on attacks
  • Real-time bandwidth and traffic graphs
  • Data tracking the time and duration of attacks
  • Escalation plan management
  • Reports with detailed traffic and routing information about your network, routers, peers, customers, profiles, interfaces, VPNs and worms

In addition, we provide trained security analysts to ensure the team monitoring your traffic for DDoS attacks has hands-on expertise. Based on the information you provide during customer set-up, Verisign creates a customised escalation plan of who to contact in the event of a network crisis.

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