As the world's premiere online identity, a .com domain name provides businesses the legitimacy they seek, and the recognition they deserve. It serves as a platform to reach customers, clients and fans. Use your.com to leverage the Internet to promote your brand or communicate your interests, whether local or worldwide.



.com is the standard for doing business online. Give your business the recognition associated with a .com to help connect with new customers and partners.

  • 97% of the top 100 brands have a registered.com domain
  • 75% of globally registered domains (TLDs) are .com
  • 93% of the Fortune Global 100 use .com
  • .com has had 100% operational accuracy and stability for more than 15 years, throughout the explosive growth of the Internet


Align yourself with the domain many businesses rely on to grow online. The world’s 100 fastest-growing companies have a .com.  

  • .com was installed as one of the first set of TLDs when the Domain Name System was first implemented for use on the Internet in January 1985.


Every business can benefit from an online identity customers know and trust. With more than 15 years of reliability, security and availability, .com enables you and your customers to confidently connect online.

  • Today, .com is an integral part of a technology boom that reshaped the way people work, live, play and connect with family and friends.
  • A new .com is registered every six seconds.
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Why .com?

Why choose .com? It's the world's premier Web address and the global standard for doing business online. Learn more about .com, a trusted and reliable domain that has helped drive success for millions of people.




UK’s leading online dental appointment-booking service, Toothpick, uses its .com website to gain consumer awareness.

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Clifton Print Services

Clifton Print Services

From its inception in 2010, Clifton Print Services understood that potential customers were likely to search the internet for printers, so creating a business website was essential for brand awareness.

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Naturally Cool Kids

Naturally Cool Kids

A small business manufacturer of affordable, natural skincare for children uses its .com website to establish an authentic and reliable brand.

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Choose the domain name that provides instant recognition and is the key to helping your business thrive.

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