Reseller Marketing Toolkits

Domain name resellers are essential to Verisign’s business, and we’re committed to helping to grow your business by providing marketing tools and resources to increase domain name sales and renewals. Verisign Reseller Marketing Toolkits are trusted guides with product and sales insights, as well as best practices. This first toolkit will help you:

  • Assist customers in making the right online product choices.
  • Gain the upper hand in the sales process.
  • Increase revenues from existing customers by improving renewal rates.

What’s Included

Verisign Solution Overviews. At-a-glance information on domain name products and services available through your Verisign registrar. Use this when planning product and service bundles for prospects and customers.

  • Verisign Domain Name Services Product Portfolio - complete, at-a-glance overview of all Verisign offerings. // more
  • Achieving Business Growth with Registry Services and Resources - overview of our services and products that can help you create value for your customers and increase your domain name sales. // more
  • Enhancing Customer Value and Service in the Brand Management Protection Market – background information on Verisign services and products that give you the ability to help customers extend, defend, and manage their brands online. // more

Verisign Reseller Sales Guides. All-in-one simple reference with analyses of the market, competition, product features, and value, along with key messages and sales insights. Use this to expand your skills, increase your opportunities and close more deals when preparing marketing materials or customer pitches.

  • Verisign’s .com and .net Top-Level Domains // more
  • Verisign’s .tv Top-Level Domain // more

Using Verisign Internet Profile Service Data to Grow Your Business. Tip sheet provides information on how to improve your largest sales prospect group, as well as provides information on existing customers and renewal best practices. // more