Learn more about Verisign by reading the latest news releases and articles about us and the Internet infrastructure industry.

For the past 12 years, Verisign has operated at the very heart of the Internet, making it faster, safer and more reliable for users worldwide. In this section you can learn more about Verisign through the latest news releases and articles about us and the Internet infrastructure industry. You can also view information about our executive team, access logo and trademark guidelines, and learn more about our products and services.

17-Mar-14 14 Joining Forces to Advance Protection Against Growing Diversity of DDoS Attacks CircleID, Sean Leach
10-Mar-14 Verisign rolls out “epic video” for its DDoS protection services, DomainGang
10-Mar-14 A Brief History of the Domain Name, Mashable
28-Feb-14 Meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security, The Guardian
27-Feb-14 Hacking Trade Shows – How RSA Exhibitors Broke Through the Noise, Smart Marketing Blog
26-Feb-14 Verisign Answers ICANN’s Name Collision Study With Its Own Blog Post, The Domains
26-Feb-14 Uncontrolled Interruption? Dozens of “Blocked” Domains in New gTLDs Actually Delegated by Burt Kaliski, Verisign, DomainPulse
20-Feb-14 Internet Bug Bounty Pays $10k for Flash Vulnerability, ThreatPost
18-Feb-14 Sedo Faces Stiffer Competition, But Largest Domain Marketplace Still Grows In 2013, DomainPulse
6-Feb-14 Hackers try to hijack Facebook, other high profile domains through domain registrar, IDG News Service
6-Feb-14 , Domain Name Wire
Verisign reports revenue growth and 8.2 million new domain registrations in Q4,
6-Feb-14 Verisign CEO: “I Don’t See Anybody Who’s Going to Abandon The .Com For a New gTLD, The Domains
28-Jan-14 As Cybercriminals Change Tactics, Threat Intel Evolves, Infosecurity Magazine
24-Jan-14 Verisign: Interest in Bitcoin Reflected by Domain Registrations, DomainNews
23-Jan-14 Do you need solid-gold domain name security?, ZDNet
23-Jan-14 Collisions Ahead: Look Both Ways before Crossing, Burt Kaliski
19-Jan-14 voted #1 in the .NET100, The Domains