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Verisign labs graduate intern program

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The Shape and Size of Threats: Defining a Networked System's Attack Surface

In the paper, The Shape and Size of Threats: Defining a Networked System's Attack Surface, Verisign Labs’ principal scientist Eric Osterweil, Verisign CSO Danny McPherson and UCLA’s Lixia Zhang propose a methodology to both quantify the attack surface and visually represent semantically different components (or resources) of such systems by identifying their dependencies.

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Colorado State University Computer Science Department is working with Verisign researchers to explore joint research projects focused on Internet infrastructure topics.

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New from Verisign Labs: What’s in your attack surface?

The concept of “attack surface” has been batted around in the security community for a long time. At a high-level, we all get the gist of it: the more exposed a system is to attackers (attack surface) the more risk it is probably exposing to those who depend on it, but what does that mean? Recently, my colleagues Danny McPherson, Lixia Zhang and I decided that it would be useful to have a definition and a technique that would let people illustrate and quantify systems’ attack surfaces. Specifically, we asked the questions: how do we measure attack surfaces, how do we clearly understand the exposure of our systems’ attack surfaces, and to understand these things where should we start?

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Summary of the Registration Operations Association Workshop

The first Registration Operations Association Workshop took place on Thursday, 16 October 2014, at the Los Angeles Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel. I’d like to thank the 64 people that took the time to attend and participate in the discussion, both in-person and remote.

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New from Verisign Labs: Measuring IPv6 Adoption

IPv4 is the common thread that has held the Internet together since its very early years, and, thus, it is both the most important and most widely deployed networking protocol in existence. As the world rapidly runs out of available IPv4 address space, there has been a major movement to transition the Internet to the IPv6 protocol with its vastly larger address space.

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