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On the Privacy Concerns of URL Query Strings

Verisign Labs has analyzed over 900 million URLs to learn about the consequences of privacy-sensitive information being embedded in URL query strings. Our Web 2.0 information sharing culture has been a catalyst for such disclosures -- with measurements showing alarmingly prevalent and severe consequences -- motivating our proposal of a URL sanitization service.

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Featured Collaboration

Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) has a research focus on strategies for detecting emerging cyber security threats and techniques for countering large-scale attacks. Verisign Labs collaborates with Georgia Tech on a range of research including the tracking of spam campaigns and the identification of infrastructure dedicated to malicious purposes.

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Verisign Mitigates 300 Gbps DDoS Attack and Other Q2 2014 DDoS Trends

It has been another busy quarter for the team that works on our DDoS Protection Services here at Verisign. As detailed in the recent release of our Q2 2014 DDoS Trends Report, from April to June of this year, we not only saw a jump in frequency and size of attacks against our customers, we witnessed the largest DDoS attack we’ve ever observed and mitigated – an attack over 300 Gbps against one of our Media and Entertainment customers.

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New from Verisign Labs - Measuring Privacy Disclosures in URL Query Strings

Have you ever gone to socially share or email a URL and found that it was much longer than you had expected? Take the following contrived URL as an example:

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Solving Challenges of Scale in Data and Language

It would not be too much of an exaggeration to say that the early Internet operated on the scale of kilobytes, with all spoken languages represented using a single character encoding – ASCII.  Today's global Internet, so fundamental to society and the world's economy, now enables access to orders of magnitude more information, connecting a speakers of a full spectrum of languages.

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