Put Your Passion Online

Tips and tricks for developing your online presence


There are lots of different ways out there for you to develop your online presence and really transform your website into an appealing, engaging tool which can effectively complement your business.

Here is a list of topics you should consider when both starting and developing the online portfolio of your business: 

Choose the right name

What’s in a name? Everything! Names should be easily remembered, they can protect your brand as well as affecting your website ranking. Click here for a video of experts discussing the importance of a domain name and what to consider when choosing one.


A website is often the first contact a consumer or business has with a company. Therefore, it should clearly and quickly communicate the key messages and propositions you want your audience to associate with your business. Your content will be crucial for engaging with customers, so it needs to be effective! Click here to read an article by copywriter Julian Abel on how vital content is to your site.


Used smartly, online advertising and social media can be very powerful tools for businesses. Once you have developed your site and want to drive traffic towards it, then promotion is key. Click here to read about how advertising can work for any type of company, and the various promotion tools available to help you achieve success.

Building loyalty

Once your business has a website, there are many ways you can use it to further build loyalty. It’s all well and good to get users on your site once, but if you can create loyalty and keep customers returning to your site, this is where you will see real value. Click here to read more on creating loyalty through a website.