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  • Nearly 10 per cent of daily .com registrations were five- to six-character names in the first half of 2013

    Daily .com registrations
  • 100% of the world’s fastest-growing companies have a .com

    World’s fastest-growing companies have a .com
  • 23 million times every day, Verisign tells a registrant “yes your requested domain name IS available!”

    Verisign tells registrant requested domain name is available
  • A .com is registered nearly every second

    A .com is registered nearly every second
  • Almost 95% of five- character .com name combinations are still available. There are more than 62M possible names available to choose from

    Millions of .com names available
  • Nearly half of all .com registrations are names made up of exclusively English keywords

    .com registrations in exclusive English keywords
  • Symbolics.com was the first .com domain name registered on 15 March 1985

    First .com domain name registered
  • .com has been operated by Verisign for more than 15 years

    .com has been operated by Verisign for more than 15 years
  • 100+ million .com names registered

    More than 100 million .com names registered