Domain Names

How to Get Online

Taking those first steps to get online is much easier than most people think. Learn the importance of getting your business online and how to create an online presence.

Why Get Online

Whether you are a small business, blogger or recreational Internet user, get the facts about how creating a web presence keeps you connected.

The Ins and Outs of Domain Names

The Ins and Outs of Domain Names

A domain name is key to doing just about anything on the Internet. Learn more about the anatomy of the domain name, how the domain name system (DNS) works and the key stakeholders involved.

Options for Creating an Online Presence

Getting online is easier than you think. There are many options beyond building a website, such as marketing through branded e-mail and social networking platforms. Check out the options available for getting you online.

How to Choose a Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is one of the most important steps to getting online. Explore some ideas on how to select the best domain name for you.