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.com is the domain name of choice for millions of individuals and business all over the world. Explore success stories that illustrate why .com is the perfect launchpad for getting your business online.

  • CUbE-muenchen.com
  • TOTIstanbul.com
  • TwelveMonkeys
  • CliftonPrintServices.com
  • NaturallyCoolKids.com
  • FranceFleurs.com


"Our website is our calling card on the Internet. With our professional website we can present ourselves just as in real life. This is also our unique selling proposition, because while many restaurants place great importance on a modern image, they have a dreadful website. And as far as the choice of domain name is concerned, it is important to me to be present at .com as well as .de, if only to avoid mix-ups."

– Markus Mensch, Founder and Executive Director, CUbE

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"When first establishing our company, one of our first priorities was registering a domain name to secure our place in the online world. Accordingly, .com is a renowned and trusted domain worldwide and we wanted to use this to reinforce our corporate identity. I believe that the success of our company today also highlights that choosing a .com domain name was the right decision for our brand."

– Tunç Gökçe, founder of TOTIstanbul

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"Choosing a .com domain is in line with our strategy of attracting an international market. Furthermore, choosing this extension allows us to position ourselves as an innovative company alongside other big .com brands that sell to end users. It is a standard choice that is directly related to the market that we aim to attract,"

– Rémy Koné, CEO of Twelve Monkeys Company

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"We decided to set up a .com domain website, as we felt most of our customers were likely to search the internet for printers, so it helped with our corporate awareness. We also wanted to create a corporate image and market awareness, as well as trying to compete with our competitors. Our .com domain has been crucial to the growth of the business, giving us visibility to larger corporate clients and allowing us to achieve our goal of increasing our client base and prominence within the market place."

– Sarah Gerardi, CEO, Clifton Print Services

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"Our site is crucial to our growth. When you want to find out about something you always go to the Internet first, no matter how big or small the company is. I chose a .com domain as I was launching products that had a big brand look. As people see .com as a reputable domain and the one they always input first when searching for companies online, this was a must have."

– Fiona Wood, CEO, Naturally Cool Kids

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"The arrival of the Internet and the crisis radically changed consumer behaviour, with our customers increasingly using short channels, yet still insisting on high quality. Our strength was the way in which we managed to predict the use of the Internet and consider consumers’ needs, so that we could deliver products that perfectly met their expectations. The Internet is a powerful sales and marketing tool, but if it wasn’t for our skills and knowledge, we wouldn’t be where we are today."

– Frédéric Dejeanty, Managing Director of France Fleurs.

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